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I purchased a reclining leather sofa/loveseat set, two beds; two bed frames a dining table and 8 chairs for $3080 in furniture from a company called Las Vegas Furniture Clearance Center, 225 N Stephanie Street Henderson NV 89074, 702-454-0023 on 11/23/10, through Tom Bonacci the Senior Designer. I put $1000 down and was told it would be delivered in a week. It wasn't on time; however I let this discrepancy pass since it was going to be delivered to the new home that I purchased and we hadn't moved yet. When they arrived to deliver the furniture on 12/7/2010, they attempted to deliver the kitchen table and chairs unassembled in the boxes they were shipped in, we advised this was not the agreement and confirmed via phone call a day or two before delivery that the items were to be assembled prior to delivery. They put the sofas in the street in front of our home after removing them from the plastic they were wrapped in. They also delivered the two beds and bed frames. We rescheduled the delivery for the dining table and chairs. These items were delivered on 12/7/2010. This time the chairs came in assembled but they forgot the legs for the table. We scheduled delivery once again for the table legs. They assembled the table and I asked them to put the leaf in before they left. When they opened the latch that opens the table, it fell to the floor. The delivery person worked on it for 10 minutes and couldn't fix it. They said they would be by the next day to fix it, they never came by.

During this time our contractor was working on the upstairs area of the home, and we covered the couches with blankets to avoid any dust and grime. When the work was done and things were being cleaned up in order for us to get ready to move it, we were going to move the sofa to the living room and decided to sit in it first. When I sat in it, I noticed the back of the seat was loose. I pulled the flap back to look and noticed it was only half of the seat was installed. While I had the flap up, I could see the bottom of the sofa and noticed one of the plastic floor protectors was missing. Then I noticed the abrasion on the sofa arm and more on the back. I looked at the loveseat and it also had abrasions on it, the abrasion was in the same exact area of both couches, which upon my investigation of the front door it was apparent it had been damaged by the extending/locking arm on the screen door. I immediately contacted Tom and he said he would send an outside company to investigate. It took almost two weeks to get this done. The gentleman showed up and looked at the couches, took pictures and said that he would give a full report to Tom and that he would get a hold of me with the results. After a day or two I began calling again, my guess was that Tom would see my phone number come up and let it go to voice mail. I know this because I had my girlfriend call with her cell phone and he immediately answered. Every time I called, it would either go to voicemail or if another employee answered and when I asked to speak with Tom, he would always be unavailable and said he would call me back. I finally went into the store in person to confront him of these problems. He agreed we had a problem. He said his delivery people delivered the couches wrapped in plastic and someone else damaged the couch and he wasn't going to do anything. My girlfriend, our contractor and another person besides myself was there when the couches were delivered and those couches were not wrapped in plastic when they delivered them. I asked to speak to the owner of the company. He told me he would get back to me the next day and never did. I called and they told me he wouldn't be in until Saturday. I once again called him and he said they weren't going to do anything about it. I expressed my dissatisfaction and he told me he would talk to his general manager who is the one who has been avoiding me this whole time.

At this time it has been over 3 weeks since the last delivery to get my full order and I am still waiting for the couches to be replaced/fixed or returned for a full refund. I am unable to complete the downstairs area of our home due to these couches; they are unsafe to sit on. We are not happy with the way this entire transaction has been handled. We have four children in our home and we are constantly watching them for fear that they may get hurt because of these couches.

So here I am with a brand new dining table with a broken latch that has yet to be repaired; a leather sofa and loveseat that are damaged which I completely paid for. The couches remain covered with blankets and have not been used; this is no way for us to enjoy our new home.

Monetary Loss: $2250.

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Henderson, Nevada, United States #1223325

Call ch-13 let them investigate this situation !


Thanks for saving me a trip there

Im bout to spend 10k somewhere

But not there

Las Vegas, Nevada, United States #644594

I know several people who have been treateed miserably by this company, broken furniture, rude managers, just all around nasty unprofessionalism and all around bad place to do business. I notice some of the sites like yelp are moving complaints down so they cant be seen, don't know if theyre getting paid off or not. Beware means BE AWARE!!

to wizbang Las Vegas, Nevada, United States #644598

I took them to small claims court and won. They had to take the furniture back and refund me

They are the worst!

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